Forge Brancholet Fittings

Brancholet Butt Welding Outlet

Used to make full size and reducing size branch connections. Wide bases at crotch section distribute internal and external stresses. Gradual changes of sections eliminate stress concentration.
Funnel shaped opening provides improved flow conditions. Every fitting is shaped to fit the pipe and is self-aligning.

Brancholet Threaded outlet

Used for making threaded outlets to combine the economy and strength of welding with the flexibility of screwed construction. Shaping and bevelling are unnecessary when threaded brancholets are used for branch connection no longer requires a large inventory of fittings.

Brancholet socket welding outlet

Used for completely welded outlets where desirable for ease in lining up header branches. Use of brancholets precludes faulty fabrication like roughcut, branch pipe projection, notches present when the reinforcement is not completely integrated with the branch and run.


Nippolet provides a 1-piece forged fitting that eliminates a nipple, coupling and one-weld. It given a study branch connection for forged steel valves.True angular relationship between outlets facilitate rapid, economical piping make up.
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